Hi! I'm Kristy Oliver. I take leaders (and readers) on journeys that inspire positive action. Where social impact meets good business. And sometimes we travel, ethically of course.

You know people should come before profits, but striking a balance is tricky.

You believe life is (supposed to be) an adventure, but sometimes the work part doesn’t feel that way.

There’s a lot you’d love to change, but change is hard. Let’s make it happen anyway.

Kristy Moore with the world in her hand
I’m Kristy Oliver and I believe in BUSINESS for-GOOD.

I love collaborating with leaders like you. I play (and work) at the intersection of HumanityBusinessLeadership and Adventure. Working to make it easier for you to create your own lasting leadership legacy. Locally and globally.


:: By boosting business savvy-ness and improving inefficient processes in for-purpose organisations.

:: Writing stories for social enterprises, bespoke travel teams and companies that care.

:: Connecting for-profit business leaders with high-impact community initiatives.

I’m excited to help you achieve (even more) positive change. We’ll tackle your challenging goals by combining my strong management consulting and business governance background, with our shared passions for community leadership, storytelling and inspiring action.

“This inspiring woman will restore your faith in humanity”
- news.com.au headlines on Kristy.

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Let’s not just BE the change, let’s LEAD the Change and create positive and lasting legacies – together.

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