3 Things You’d Love…Without Breaking the Bank

3 Things You’d Love…Without Breaking the Bank

We’re all the way up to lucky Day 13 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Wow – that’s thousands and thousands more words that I wrote last month.

I’ve promised to give you unique ways to feel more adventurous and more fulfilled, even when you’re not travelling and even if you don’t have a lot of cash to splash.

What are three things you’d love to do or have in your life right now, without breaking the bank?

For my life, 3 things I’d love to do:

1. Positive action that moves me one step closer to my big goals every week, and keeping up-to-date with my chosen mentors. Because I believe in dreaming big and achieving big, living life now, and (as an overseas friend kindly shared with me this morning): using everyday to make tomorrow better.

2. Start planning the next overseas adventure, as a reward for the hard work I’ve done since the last one, and to achieve another thing on my life list. Ok, this one will take a fair amount of cash (unless I go to NZ), but I intend to roll a few objectives into one trip (and get an incredible flight deal). Plus, I believe travel is an investment, rather than an expense.

3. Make time to write freely and authentically (about Adventure & Fulfilment in Life & Work), including sharing more of my personal stories from volunteering overseas and how dramatically the experiences changed my life. I’d also like to make time to create supportive solutions for your work and life goals (lots more writing).

For this website, three things I’d love to have:

1. 7 day eGuide offered as a free gift to help you overcome your excuses and get started (or back on track) with the life and work goals that you never quite get around to, yet are such important goals for you that you may feel a little unfulfilled until you see (more) progress. Your time is precious, so I want to help you to find this free gift within 3 seconds of opening the homepage or latest blog and to help you decide immediately whether it’s the right thing for you to take action on, now.

2. Collection of amazing eGuides, starting with a 21 Day guided program, for you to invest in if you really want to step up your life and achieve more of the fulfilment you secretly tell yourself you want in your work life, plus more of the variety and adventure that you’d love to experience in your everyday life.

3. Ways for you to easily share your fulfilment and adventures, and the ah-ha moments you have when you read a blog post or take action on any of the resources I offer. This is to help you feel like you’re not alone, to connect with others who also want more adventure and fulfilment, seek advice for your fears/desires and offer encouragement to help others with theirs.

These 3 things will mostly require an investment of my time, rather than breaking the bank. Luckily for you, I believe that time is the greatest gift we can give to others (it’s a valuable lesson I learnt through over 10 years of volunteering in Australia and a couple of volunteer programs overseas).

3 goals. 3 things. 3 challenges. 3 priorities.

3 life rules

I do not know the original source of these 3 life rules, but they are a simple, yet effective reminder for all of us:

1. If you do not go after what you want, you’ll never have it.

2. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no.

3. If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place.

three simple rules for life

What are your 3 things?

Take a moment to think of 3 things you’d love for your work or business, and 3 things you’d love for your life. They don’t have to be new things either. Is there something you’d like more of, less of, changed, enhanced, or completely removed from your life. Feel free to share in the comments below.


Life is Now. Be the Change. Best wishes, Kristy

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    10 Comments On This Topic
    1. Angela
      on Aug 19th at 11:37 am

      I love your 3 life rules, they are inspirational and 3 rules I’m adding to my list!

    2. Kristy
      on Aug 19th at 11:47 am

      Always happy to inspire Angela! I like that the bright boxes on your homepage, they draw the eye in very effectively…and there’s 3 of them :)

    3. Dharmesh @ Ataractic Mind
      on Aug 19th at 3:50 pm

      Nicely written. I struggle with #3 – Writing freely and authentically.. well kind of. I mainly struggle with focusing my blog on one thing and even before that finding focus on what I want my online business to be..

      Me and my wife almost always do #2 – We have one big trip once a year and as soon as it’s over.. we take a month to relive the experience.. then start planning our next.

      I enjoyed your 3′s :)

    4. Kristy
      on Aug 19th at 7:04 pm

      Thanks for your comment Dharmesh and I’m glad you enjoyed my 3s. I love the approach you and you wife have for planning trips! I’m excited just thinking about all the possibilities for future travels :)

    5. Luxelias
      on Aug 20th at 5:40 am

      Hi Kirsty, I absolutely love your 3 rules and the picture collage you made for it!!! It’s fantastic. I definitely try to apply all three, mostly number two. As a little girl my mum would always say if you don’t ask you won’t get!!!

    6. Paige | Simple Mindfulness
      on Aug 20th at 9:33 am

      Love your 3 Life Rules Kristy! I’ve found that it’s absolutely amazing what you can receive when you ask. And, if you get a no (frequently rare), you’re exactly where you started, no harm done.

    7. Julie Hunt
      on Aug 20th at 11:56 am

      Absolutely love this… so beautifully said and done.

    8. Kristy
      on Aug 20th at 9:25 pm

      Yes,Paige, let’s ask more – it’s so easy to get caught up trying to do everything ourselves.

    9. Kristy
      on Aug 20th at 9:28 pm

      Thanks for your beautiful comment Julie.

      Luxelias, glad you’re inspired by these rules too (I won’t take credit for the image, but I enjoyed writing and sharing my thoughts on it).

    10. Naomi
      on May 14th at 12:36 am

      Love the challenges you’ve set for yourself! Mine are to hone my site so that it is a resource to other women who are in the throes of relocating their family, overseas, or in the same country as well as guiding them back home once their time at that “temp home” is finished. It’s a bit time investment, and very little money – but it seems the TIME is the hardest to part with!


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